New Release of FileFlex Enterprise Brings Zero Trust Data Access to a New Level

New Release of FileFlex Enterprise Brings Zero Trust Data Access to a New Level

For Immediate Release

May 13, 2021

Toronto, ON.  Qnext Corp. today announced its latest release of FileFlex Enterprise taking Zero Trust Data Access to a new level.

“Our latest release reflects our continued effort to deliver the best end-user experience, excellent data governance, and control and superior ease-of-management,” said Anthony DeCristofaro, president and CEO of Qnext Corp.  “Based on customer feedback, we have implemented fantastic new capabilities to FileFlex Enterprise that bring Zero Trust Data Access to a whole new level.”


  • Brings a New Level of Remote CAD Accessibility and Productivity – Now architects, engineers, project managers and skilled remote workers can securely view or share large CAD files when remote, on-site, or with clients from their mobile phones, tablets, or laptops without having to make a local copy first and without requiring the recipient to have an AutoCAD license.
  • Furnishes a New Level of Security to Confidential PDF Forms – Financial, health and legal organizations now have incredible control over the security of confidential PHI and PII information because now they can securely share fillable PDF forms from source locations behind the firewall without making copies or requiring a download to a local device first.
  • Delivers Reliability Through High Availability and Fault Tolerance Capability – Delivering increased performance and solid critical operation reliability important to health, financial, airline, research, banking and military organizations is now easier than ever with our High Availability enhancements and Fault Tolerance capabilities. 


Remotely View and Share CAD Drawings


New Capabilities of the FileFlex Enterprise Client

  • New Document Viewer – The latest release has a new document viewer that enhances the end-user experience both in accessing and viewing files, as well as the sharing of files for collaboration without the need for a local download first. The new viewer now has the following:
    • The Ability to View and Open Multiple Files – Users can now open multiple files concurrently. The users can open one file, leave it open and navigate to open another file from any other location. There is no limit to how many files that can be open at the same time.
    • Dedicated Access to Open Files – A dedicated button has been added to the UI for quick access to open files.
    • Ability to Preview CAD Files – The viewer supports previewing CAD files of type dwg, dxf and dgn.
    • Enhanced Support for Office Files – File viewer provides a consistent experience for Microsoft Office file formats like docx, doc, ppts, ppt, xlsx, xls, etc.
    • Capability to Fill In PDF forms -The document viewer now supports filling PDF forms within the viewer.
  • Thumbnails Resizing – To help organizations such as marketing, advertising, and broadcasters with large libraries of digital media quickly identify and recognize images without opening them first – users can now change their thumbnails to small, medium or large sizes.
  • Improved File Check-in/Check-Out Workflow – Users and teams can now work easily with editing files in an intuitive and guided flow and can simply access all checked-out files in one place.
  • Set Expiry Time for File Sharing – Organizations such as financial, legal and accounting firms that deal with time-sensitive documents now have more granular control and can set the file share expiry to a specific time of the day (hour, minute).

New Capabilities of the User Administration Control Panel

  • Allow Administrators to Control Content Access and Sharing of Confidential Documents to Only a List of Pre-Approved Employees, Contractors, Partners, and Outside Parties/Users – FileFlex administrators can create guest users with whom their users can share content and add them to their contact lists. This allows administrators to control content access and sharing of confidential documents to only a list of pre-approved employees, contractors, partners, and outside parties.
  • Ability to Create SharePoint Content Sources at the Site Collection Level – Administrators can now create SharePoint content sources, not at just the root level but also the site collection level providing more granular department-level SharePoint access control.

New Capabilities of the Server Administration Control Panel

  • Integration with Ping Federate – Ping Federate is a new addition to a growing number of Single Sign On (SSO) providers supported by the FileFlex platform.
  • High Availability Enhancements – These enhancements ensure ease of management of the HA cluster and also an increased level of performance.
  • Fault Tolerance Capabilities – Fault tolerance capabilities include:
    • Anticipating fault detection – The server includes scripts that constantly check the uptime of the server and services.
    • Diagnostics and Failure Analysis – Includes smart scripts that check certain thresholds to determine if the operation of the server and triggering events to mitigate issues.
    • Recovery – Recovery of certain services is attempted. If unrecoverable, an alert is sent to the administrator.

About Qnext Corp.

Qnext Corp. (“Qnext”) is the award-winning, innovation company behind the industry’s first Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) and sharing platform for today’s global and diversified remote workforce. FileFlex Enterprise has created a new enterprise-scale technology service that unifies the access, security and governance of data storage across multiple environments using a zero trust architecture designed to support today’s Hybrid-IT enterprise infrastructure.  Qnext’s Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) platform also integrates with Intel SGX secure enclave technology. Qnext has begun building a global distribution network of security-focused partners and is a technology partner with NEC Platforms, Microsoft, Intel and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). At Qnext, disruptive products are the passion, demonstrated in the details. For more information visit