Secure Private Streaming – The Better Way!

Secure and private streaming in a way all started with the Sony Walkman.  The Walkman changed music forever because it allowed you to take your own music with you wherever you went and listen to it privately through your own ear buds.  From the walkman we moved to the Discman and from the Discman to the MP3 player and the iPod.  With the MP3 player, music storage itself changed from physical tapes and disks to digital files. This shift from physical tapes and disks to digital files didn’t just change music, but videos and movies as well.  Today they are all digital.

The Age of the Smart Phone and Rise of the Cloud

The introduction of the smart phone changed our paradigm from device centric data to data continuity and from storage to accessible storage.  We expect all of our data to be at our fingertips and available to us wherever we are.  That includes our digital files like personal music, movies and family videos. In response to our needs for accessible digital media we have turned to the cloud. The cloud solutions have virtualized their storage for digital media. What I mean by that is media stored in the cloud is abstracted from its physical location so that it can be accessed from any of your devices. Media stored on your storage devices however is not virtualized. They have the technology, so you copy your music, movies and videos from your un-virtualized storage to their virtualized storage.

The Better Way – Virtualization and Secure Private Streaming of Your Own Storage

The better way is to use virtualization for secure private streaming of your own storage. When you use FileFlex file access virtualization you can access, share or stream your files from any computer, any laptop, any tablet or any smart phone, from anywhere. You don’t have to upload or sync your stuff to third parties. Your media data stays on your storage – private, secure and under your control.

FileFlex File Access Virtualization

FileFlex virtualizes access to your owned storage so that you can access, share and privately stream all your files including your music, movies and videos, from any device from anywhere. You can also let your family, friends or any email contact, by permission, access or stream your stuff.

It’s Private and Secure

Remote access, sharing and streaming media with FileFlex is private.  FileFlex has a layered approach to the security of your files.  First, files stay in their source locations and nothing is moved or copied to a third party.  Privacy and security of information can be contained completely on your own storage without worrying about breaches, outages, ownership or who has access to data when it is stored and maintained by third parties.  Secondly, streaming and sharing is by permission only and is not link based.  You control who can access your stuff. And thirdly, users have high level encrypted direct access to the files with trusted certificates.  This is the same level of protection offered by financial institutions to protect transactions over the internet.

What About My Music Streaming Service

Sure you can subscribe to a cloud music streaming service, however cloud music can’t match listening to your own personal music collection on your smart phone. Sure you can upload them to the cloud and then stream them to your phone and it is great in theory, but in real life, it just doesn’t stick.  The upload process is a hassle and do you really want your personal stuff stored on someone else’s computer?  We may start off this way with good intentions, but sooner or later the method breaks down.


You Want Private Streaming From Your Own Storage

Building and maintaining a media collection is most convenient on your own PC or NAS (Network Attached Storage) device.  That’s particularly true if you have a mix of MP3 backups from your CDs, digital downloads and MP4 files from your video camera. Once organized neatly, you want to access, stream or share them as easily as possible from all your devices – smart phone, tablet or other computer.

The easiest way to take your entire media library with you, no matter where you go or what device you are using is FileFlex of course.


It’s Free to Try

Still not convinced.  Why not take FileFlex out for a test drive.  We have made it free to try.  Click here  and see for yourself or watch the video below.


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Tom Ward is the VP of Marketing for Qnext Corp. He is an expert in the technology industry with a history of achievement. Tom holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University.