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Make your remote workers super productive and make file sharing quick, secure and collaborative – it’s easy no VPN needed

FileFlex Enterprise is the world’s first remote data access, sharing and collaboration solution designed from the ground up to facilitate business processes effectively and efficiently with a zero-trust policy engine to reduce business risk and increase productivity.

FileFlex Enterprise unifies remote access, sharing and governance of data storage across multiple environments using a Zero Trust Data Architecture.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why FileFlex for my business? My team? My organization?

A. Today’s workers require anytime, anywhere data access that is fully secured. FileFlex Enterprise lets your workforce access 100% of data remotely from any corporate data storage location.

Q. How will FileFlex solve my remote worker security issues?

A. FileFlex is the world’s most cybersecure data access and collaboration platform for today’s distributed and remote workforce. FileFlex Enterprise takes a zero-trust approach to data access and collaboration. FileFlex Enterprise provides secure data access as granular as a single file and protects against unauthorized access to the organization’s infrastructure. FileFlex augments traditional perimeter-based security by always authenticating and always verifying all transactions all the time with a “never trust, always verify” model where access to data is secured and controlled through a zero-trust policy engine.

Q. Will I need to buy more hardware?

A. Fileflex Enterprise is a software-only solution that you deploy to a VM on one of your existing servers. It usually requires no additional servers, no additional storage, no additional human resources and scales without cost creep.  You are simply charged one low monthly fee per user. FileFlex is 100% risk free. Arrange for a free trial to test it with a small number of users.

Q. Can I upgrade between plans?

A. Yes you can upgrade – or downscale – at any time.

Q. How many licenses can we have?

A. You are not limited on a license level. Because FileFlex Enterprise is a software-only solution and does not require additional data centre infrastructure you are able to quickly put your full workforce on the application.

Q. Is FileFlex GDPR compliant?

A. FileFlex Enterprise uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm to protect all traffic that passes our servers. As a result, FileFlex is ideal for secure remote file access, sharing and collaboration as it supports and augments an organization’s GDPR compliance endeavors. FileFlex utilizes an organization’s existing investment in technology and combines a rapid deployment capability and ability to support the enforcement of the compliance and auditability controls required by GDPR. With no duplication, no third parties and files kept on your own storage in their source locations behind your firewall, the superior privacy and security implications of the FileFlex architecture cannot be understated.

Q. If I have thousands of employees will there be a lag in performance?

A. FileFlex Enterprise uses a hybrid point-to-point communications framework. As opposed to EFSS, the FileFlex server establishes an encrypted tunnel between files in their source locations behind your firewall and the user’s device without opening any new ports. As a result of this technology it does not require the intensive capacity that is need for upload and download of files. So FileFlex Enterprise improves performance in remoat accee and file sharing.